Place Lalla Yeddouna

Place Lalla Yeddouna, Fez, Morocco


Waterfront, square, hotel, shops, artisans workshop




A Neighborhood in the Medina of Fez.

The urban and architectural design are based on the idea of respecting the transparency and ability to read back in time, however, new facilities require some interventions.

The intervention, contributes for the evolution of the place, without changing the complexity of languages, clearly distinct, that the place shows. The project seeks above all, to respect this diversity created over time, valuing the humanistic aspect of social and public places, matching the requirements and current legislation.

Looking for an answer to current needs, with the eyes focus in the past. The complexity of the relationship of generations with wills, different aspirations and desires, is entered in irregular urban layout that perpetuates an understanding of the place, a testimony that passes from generation to generation.

The roofs are protected by natural vegetation trays decreasing heat effect on the buildings and revealing the panoramic views and a good place to hold a small talk and smoke narghilè.

Interior walls are decorated, with the traditional "zellije" (hand cut tile) ornaments. and painted using natural earth pigments. Iron, cobalt and other minerals endow the paints with deep and subtle colour: red, orange, yellow and blue.

The design of new "pateos", extends the notion of the site, where light and natural ventilation results in visible significant improvements.