Tripureshwor Mahadev Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

HELP/Nepal (Human Environmental League for Preservation)

reconstruction, traditional systems, jhingathi

Nuno Mesquita; Haydar Baran Yildirim; Francisco Araújo; Lino Mesquita 



Last April 25, 2015 earthquake, which hit Nepal and deeply Kathmandu, was nothing new for us because part of the purpose of this project was focused on structural anti-seismic study which in the past had suffered from a similar event in 1934. Now, was no exception.​

​Reconstruction and adaptation of the largest temple in the Teku Thapathali complex, to accommodate disadvantaged Kathmandu children's.

The construction techniques have been extensively studied and applied in-depth in the project aiming to protect the identity and originality, recovering and improving the existing, and completing what has long deteriorated and collapsed.

The Sattal´s rooftop, constituted by three layers covering, with copper-golden roofs, crowned with fanciful golden "gajur", gives an overview to the public, highlighting the richness of this religious extensive area along the Bagmati River.